Now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play store, DestinationLV VR is an immersive virtual experience using the Google Cardboard platform. Featuring some of the most beautiful and adventurous pockets of Las Vegas, Destination Las Vegas Group hopes this new app will let prospective brides and grooms experience their unique ceremony venue before they arrive.

Destination Las Vegas Group hopes to stay on the cutting edge and welcome new technology as it becomes available. The creation of this virtual reality app gives android and iphone users a brand new experience, a new way to select from the most unique wedding and vow renewal ceremonies imaginable.

"This incredible technology is not only practical,  the beautiful thing about virtual reality is that it lets you experience emotion, so you can trigger a reaction to a venue that you can't get anywhere else.” –Sebastian Salas, President, Destination Las Vegas Group

The DestinationLV VR App is free of cost, works on iphone and android devices and is available in every country. This app requires use of Cardboard VR goggles.