Las Vegas Bachelor(ette) Party Do's and Don'ts


Do's and Don'ts for your Vegas Bachelor(ette) Party

Do: Make a lasting impression

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Whatever your budget, make sure you have lasting memories that cement the bond of friendship. Spread it out over a weekend, find some creative group activities.

Don't: Wait until the last minute to plan everything


Plan it out ahead of time, you'll save time and money. Or simply let a concierge company like put together an itinerary for your group that is not only thrilling but gives the most bang for your buck.

Do: Tailor your itinerary around the groom/brides interests


As the best man/maid of honor, you should already know what your best friend is into. Plan on some things that will keep you active during the day as well. No matter what they are into, a city like Las Vegas can accommodate.

Don't: Wait in long lines to get into a nightclub


Come on, nothing kills a buzz faster than standing around for an hour when you can plan it out ahead with reservations or better yet a nightclub crawl.

Do: Make some sweet T-Shirts to identify your squad


An easy way to keep track of your party (there is always a scraggler or two) and also a fun personalized souvenir to commemorate the ritual.

Don't: Post anything on social media


Especially after midnight,  the party is likely in full swing and this night should remain confidential. Make sure to ask your squad not to take any pictures beyond the official group shot.

Do: Make sure the guest of honor approves the guest list


You want to make sure that the bride or groom has a little veto power here, they'll let you know who you might have missed also.


In a place like Las Vegas, you can have there are more options to choose for a legendary bachelor or bachelorette party than most have time for. We have assembled the Ultimate Guy's Night and Girl's Night Out. You can also consult with a professional planner who will go over every detail with you.